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This site contains information to assist the punter to achieve a healthy profit from horse racing by providing selections based on years of experience of backing winners and losers.


From 27th February 2017 the selections via this site will be provided by 'John Doe', a professional who has been barred by every online, high street and on course bookmaker going - hence the name. 

There are nearly always two selections per race. There will be losing streaks, if you're looking for perfection then I wish you luck in finding it. 

Today, (27th) started with 10 selections, 2 seconds, 3 winners (16/1, 14/1,14/1 advised)

so a great start to the campaign. 



There are always adverts for miracle face creams that can remove wrinkles and make you look 20 years younger. It is up to you if you believe these adverts. In racing there are tipster ads that promise to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. Again it is up to you if you believe these claims. I do not make any claim whatsoever, the results are there to see through verification websites that I have joined thus giving you the information to make up your own mind. There will be losers in the selections as there will be winners, it is your choice whether you judge the results to be profitable or not. If you get despondent by a run of a few losers then this site is not for you.



Miracle Creams & Horses