The Racing Edge





How do I join

From 27th February 2017 membership will be limited, those who drop out will not be allowed return membership as we expect others in the queue to take their place. The price will be a bargain £59.00 per month. There is no annual membership. 

To register just email me using the address below. After that you will receive a link to pay my company the monthly fee via Worldpay who ensure everything is very secure. I do not get your card details as I do not want the responsibility of your card details.

Membership will NOT auto renew but we will send another link a few days before the present month runs out should you wish to renew. I reserve the right not to offer membership.



The email will state the selections but not whether to back win or EW that is up to you. I will not advise any multiple bets as I do not consider these to be value, trust me, been there and bought the T Shirt. The email will usually arrive the evening before racing but could be delayed up to mid-day, but very rarley, on the day of racing. I endeavour to get the email sent early to enable you to get the best possible price for your selections. Please note that there may not be selections every day if we cannot find one that deserves your money and the email will state this.


Passing the information on

Passing out info when you get an email from this site is the road to ruin, if I have 50 members who then text their mates with my selections, who then text their mates with the selections means that any odds advantage we have is quickly reduced. Yes I will be on, but you may not open the email until two hours later and by then hundreds of punters backing the same horse can have a dramatic effect on the prices available. Keep the information to yourself and give yourself the best opportunity for profit please.

Thankyou for reading and enjoy the racing.